Sunday, October 25, 2009

Van Canto can do metal

Van Canto decided that the one genre of music that hadn't touched metal was acapella. Who needs instruments?

Van Canto - Battery

van canto | MySpace Video

You want more epic beatbox acapella metal goodness you say? Well alrighty then.

Giggity Giggity Gigity here's some Iron Maiden for your ass. Rawr!

Your welcome. No really...I know your life wasn't complete until then. I'm just a simple blogger trying to do my part.


Randy said...

I saw that "Battery" video awhile back and while it may be goofy it definitely blew me away in some parts, ha.

Draeden Wren said...

Ok, I'm prolly going to get some flack for this, but I'm starting to really love Van Canto. I picked up "Hero" and it's brilliant. The things they do with their voices is just a huge testament to the amazingness of the human body and the power of imagination. I do have to admit though, that SEEING the songs performed in their videos (I.e. Battery) really takes away from the greatness of it (that bald guy really kills it for me)...

Either way, it's brilliant and I'll be Riddily Diddily-ing along with them.