Friday, November 27, 2009

Dio giving the horns to cancer

Blabbermouth has reported that the illness that Ronnie James Dio came down with is a early form of stomach cancer. Ronnie says that the horns were actually something his grandmother used to do to ward off the evil spirits. If there ever was a time to put them to practical use now is the time.

It would be redundant to state the importance Ronnie James Dio has in the metal community so That Devil Music would just like to convey wishes for a speedy and full recovery and here's to a true class act getting back out there and entertaining the fans.


Dasher said...

Get well soon Dio. Also, are you keeping up with the Spinelanguage Top 100 list?

Dasher said...
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Rob Liz said...

Yep I am. I've been enjoying it especially since you've put a few artists I enjoy up there that are pretty underrated:)I've made a few comments on there so far.