Sunday, January 31, 2010

And the winners are...


Hard Rock Performance: AC/DC won for War Machine. Soo much fail here. Was Alice in Chains "Check My Brain" too much to understand? Was it too much of a quality song? Was it not catchy enough? Because heaven forbid AC/DC ever change their formula all these years. Might as well give an award to ever song they ever wrote.This really sucks as I would have loved AIC cap a triumphant return with this statue.

Metal Performance: Judas Priest "Dissident Aggressor" from Touch of Evil Live. Seriously. This won. Ok Grammys you can stop now. Just take these categories or even this one out. I'd rather it not be there then endure these uneducated nominations and even worse choices as winners. You fuckers aren't even trying at this point.


Randy said...

Ha, it's good to hear we both agreed on Alice In Chains deserving the award for "Check My Brain."

I never got how the Grammy's ever got so huge when the judges aren't even educated about the mainstream choices. It's like, lets let the record exec and musician with the biggest budget win all the awards!

Randy said...

Or if all else fails when you don't know shit about a category, pick the oldest band you know, because they have to deserved the award, right?

(aka Judas Priest winning for Dissident Aggressor).

Rob Liz said...

Yeah I blasted this thing back when the nominations were announced. In no way should a song that was recorded over 30 years ago and performed on a live album be nominated.It's absolutely ridiculous when there are so many other current (mainstream) artists that deserve recognition for the time frame the Grammys designate as qualifying.

We yelled when our favorite genre got snubbed from inclusion over 20 years ago so they allowed it and fucked it up(Jethro Tull ftw) and to this day its never gotten better. Just stop including it then.