Thursday, January 28, 2010

Acrassicauda hard to pronounce, Easy to love

I saw the documentary on these guys last year and it was pretty damn good. In fact after watching it I felt a bit more disdain for the hardcore screamo scene kids that have been coming out and trying to act all metal like. These guys are truly metal.To have to grow up in Iraq under the Sadam Hussein regime through multiple wars,repressive theological enviroments,and huge amounts of poverty while trying to play music they knew they'd either be imprisoned or worse for is about as extreme as it gets.
And happily it looks like their on the way to making it all finally pay off. On March 9th their debut EP "Only the Dead See the End of War" comes out. Here is their first vid off that album.

They have really improved since that documentary was filmed and they actually bring a refreshing unique sound to the scene. Mainly because they were learning to play and had very little to go off of for influence as anything western was banned. Good for them. I wish them much success as they move forward.

If you haven't seen the documentary go here for more information.
Here is their Myspace.

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