Monday, January 25, 2010

Brainstorm is not a brainfart


File this under "Change your friggin name and you'd probably get somewhere" is a band out of Germany called Brainstorm. Apparently these guys have been around for over 20 years. They're labeled as power metal. I guess I can kind of see that but their material is of a darker nature then other power metal bands. I'd equate them closer to Zak Stevens era Savatage but heavier. Their rythmn section crushes with some cool riffs.

Check out this vid off their latest album "Material Root" to see what I mean.

That Youtube clip doesn't do the actual recording justice as it's more tinny sounding but you get the idea. Man I've missed just straight up metal like this.

Check out more of their stuff at their Myspace page. I just wish they'd brainstorm and come up with a better name.


cable_zombie said...

I'll give the video a check out when I'm home from work..but on the name front: on the plus side, Brainstorm was one of my favourite characters from the Transformers Headmasters series. Haha, but apart from that, there's not much going for it :)

Rob Liz said...

Well I went and checked more stuff from these guys and they're not bad as power metal goes but not something I'd go out and pursue to own. If more of their tracks were like this one it'd be a differant story.