Sunday, January 24, 2010

Farewell Scorpions


Wow. I don't know where I've been but apparently this year will be the last in the existance of the Scorpions.

Go here to see the announcement.

I have a sentimental soft spot for the Scorpions. They were one of the first hard rock/metal bands I ever heard. From Lovedrive to Savage Amusement they were one of my favorite bands. While they were never the heaviest band around their melodic approach to the genre was fantastic during that stretch. Nobody could do ballads like the Scorpions could.

I had finally got to see them in concert in 2002 and it was a pretty good show though most of the original band members were gone. While I'm sad to see them go I had not payed attention to too much of their stuff since Face the Heat. This was mainly due to the fact that for me the songwriting had started to drop off plus the 90's were pretty bad for me to keep up with things. I'd rather see them go out with a good legacy behind them then continue to struggle along in todays climate. But for the love of god do not pull an Accept 5 years from now.

Here is a montage of Scorpions vids to see them out from us at That Devil Music after the jump.

Auf Wiedersehen Scorpions you will be missed.

In Trance with Uli Jon Roth

Sails of Charon

Coast to Coast

No One Like You

Rock You Like a Hurricane

Rythmn of Love

Winds of Change

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Draeden Wren said...

In their language you would say, "Aufwiedersehen". So sad; their ballads in the eighties gave my loserdom and loneliness an anthem. Still loving you? Indeed.