Monday, January 11, 2010

A little something something about Accept


I've been following this story for months now from Blabbermouth.

Here is my question. Does anybody REALLY think this is a good idea?

Don't get me wrong I loved me some Accept decades ago. I had the triad of popular albums and Metal Heart is still my favorite. This is why it bugs me when bands do stuf like this. But lets be honest,Metal Heart was the last success they had even with UDO at vocalist. He went on to his own band which did ok, the rest of the band replaced him to poor sales. Then in the 90's he came back and those albums weren't bad but not great either and again the world didn't care because it was the 90's and many bands died a slow death that decade. So Wolf Hoffman says that the band is defunct for good and he wanted to pursue other music ventures. End of story right?


Just like an aging boxer these guys don't know when to pack it in for good. Now they have this guy Mark Tornillo as a new vocalist for a reformed Accept.Why? No one has cared since 1986 so why would they care now with Udo not at the helm? I have no idea if this lineup will be any good. Maybe it will be but it's not going to sell especially with the lack of marketing these days. I'm just trying to understand why guys who've been around for 35 years and went away would want to in essence start from scratch all over again playing in bars and being middle bill on European festivals. Udo is probably the most level headed by this in my opinion. Go to 3:30 minutes into this clip to hear his comments on it from last year.

Stay down or call it something else and keep your dignity guys, don't be another Anvil.

Here is the vid with Accepts side of it so people can make up their own minds. The song featured rips pretty good as old school stuff but I digress.

Here is Accept back in the day for those unfamiliar.

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