Friday, January 22, 2010

Shuffled Playlist Random Thought 01-22-10


I haven't had much to write about of late and it's been a pretty busy month to boot. But I hadn't posted anything in a long time so what the hell, let's do one of these for the new year eh?
As always I get nervous because I never know what's going to pop up and I'd hate for it to be a guilty pleasure. For those that don't know what this feature is this is where I bust out with the winamp put it on shuffle and whatever song comes up when I hit the next button I write about it or the band or something. Alright let's do this.

Interesting, looks like we have "Billy's got a Gun" by Def Leppard. Not my favorite off the Pyromania album but still a decent tune. This album was the first cassette I ever bought. Yes I'm that old. In fact Rock Rock till you Drop might have been the first hard rock/metal song I ever heard on the radio. The thing that annoyed me about this track was the ending that seems to go on forever with the synthesized clanging. I haven't liked much from these guys since this record but somehow they've been able to stay alive in the public's conscience. Oh thats right,they crossed over into country for a new market. Nice touch guys.

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