Friday, January 15, 2010

Metal can be fun again

The past month or so I've kind of been on another mission to check out new bands or at least new to me. And by god I've found a couple. Both of these bands are sort of a throwback to the glory days of 80's underground metal. Back when it was fun,evil,and not too thought provoking. Let the eye rolling begin as I share my discoveries.

First up is 3 Inches of Blood out of Canada. Thanks to my buddy Randy over at the Official Metal Show for turning me onto these guys. This is sword and sorcery falsetto metal at it's finest. I love me some cheese if it's done well and these guys deliver.Take Rob Halford Painkiller era vocals,Accept like riffs, and Manowar style lyrics and you got a whole ball of fun.Check it out on their latest vid off Here Waits Thy Doom cd.

They had a screaming second vocalist for previous releases but he left before this release. Check them out if you're not a snob and just want to scream along to some old timey metal.

Next up we have Toxic Holocaust from Portland Oregon. This guys are part of the ret thrash movement along with Munincipal Waste and to some extent Skeletonwitch. You can tell this because all of their logos have this graffiti style font. Anyways....this band is what you would get if you had sleaze rock looks, Kill em all riffs,and Bathory vocals. I see alot of negative comments made about these guys but they hit my G spot so whatever. Here is the Wild Dogs video off their latest cd "An Overdose of Death".

Both of these bands are a breath of fresh air for me from all the serious no fun stuff I've been hearing lately.Or maybe I'm just trying to recapture my youth.

3 Inches of Blood can can be checked out here

Toxic Holocaust can be checked out here


cable_zombie said...

Yeah Toxic Holocaust!!! Absolutely LOVE them - I got to meet Joel Grind a couple months back and he was really nice, saying hi to all the fans and stuff.

I remember hearing "Deadly Sinners" by 3 Inches of Blood back when I was at university - we loved the song then, but I never went on to check out any more of their stuff...well I guess there's no time like the present...

Randy said...

Thanks for the recognition and good to see you spreading the word of 3 Inches of Blood and Toxic Holocaust.

Municipal Waste is another crossover thrash nostalgia act that manages to still sound interesting today.

There is really some quality stuff coming out of these "rehash" scene and even some bands are managing to mix a more modern sound with the thrash of old (See: Revocation - "Existence is Futile", I have been rocking that one for awhile now).

Now the metal world just needs something new and innovative to kick it in the ass...

Randy said...

Speaking of fun metal, check out Rumpelstiltskin Grinder's latest album (I forget the name, ends with "destroying the rest" I think...), for more thrash nostalgia.