Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Content with Malcontent


Facebook is pretty awesome sometimes. You never know who you might run into from your past. I recently reconnected with someone I used to hang with in high school and on weekends back in the day. We lost touch after high school but his band would play at a mutual friend's keg parties in the garage a few years later. Then we totally lost touch until recently on Facebook. Turns out we have some mutual friends on there as well.

The person I'm referring to is Alan Roble and it turns out he's still active heavy into music and is the bass player in a band called Malcontent and I have to say I like what I hear. I asked him if there was any Tool influences and he says that yes some of the members listen to Tool but they all have such differing influences they just mix them together. I agree because from the tracks I've listened to there is definetly alot going on in each song.

So do me and Alan a favor and go to their Myspace and check out their tunes. They also made a video for the song Deja Vu which you can view here. This song is pretty progressive which I like with tempo changes and catchy riffs. Check it out.


Nelly! | MySpace Video

Malcontent will also be playing their first show of the year at Slim's in San Francisco on March 12th so if anyone is local and wants to go check them out there ya go.

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