Monday, February 01, 2010

We're all Doomed!

Well not really but I've been into a kind of a doom kick of late.Now normally I don't listen to too much doom because by and large it's sloooooow and repetitive and frankly boring. I always imagine Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh as a doom vocalist actually. But there are a few bands from time to time that have piqued my interest. I guess if I have to listen to doom I'm more inclined to listen to the gothic doom variety. I enjoyed early Theater of Tragedy and Katatonia so I set out to find similar artists. The jury is still out on My Dying Bride but I did find a real gem.

Ladies and Gentlemen I bring you.......

This band is from Sweden and they've been around a few years with technically 4 albums to date. Now what got me enjoying the music was what they brought to the table in terms of influences. Beauty and the Beast vocals but clearly enunciated,heavier more melodic riffs then Katatonia,and lyrics on par with Opeth makes for some damn fine down in the dumps listening.I couldn't find a legit video but this first track is what got me interested off their last album Turning Seasons Within.

I haven't seen any news of any work being done on a followup to this but I'll keep my eyes peeled.In the meantime if this is something up your alley click on the banner link to check out their Myspace page.

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Draeden Wren said...

Draconian Rules in so many ways. That is all.