Thursday, February 11, 2010

Devil's Review: Overkill - Ironbound

Overkill's career is an interesting one. They formed before any of the Big 4 did yet didn't catch on until the second wave of thrash. Then for a long time went with a streetwise style of just straight metal instead of thrash. Well 30 years after their formation they have come back to the thrash they technically created in the form of the album Ironbound.

For all of those people that incessantly have to let the world know they've hated Overkill since Horrorscope or Years of Decay here you go. Go back and pick this album up because you've finally got your wish.

There is no doubt the 2 or 3 year rest(really long for Overkill)between this and Immortalis left them refreshed and recharged. I went back to previous releases and Blitz's vocals sound tired compared to this. The shrieks are back and just the vocals in general are better then they've been in a long time.

If there is any negatives I have to this album it has to be the at times uninspired soloing of Dave Linsk and D.D. Verni's bass tone. That incessant plunking sound from the bass is noticeable on every track. While not nearly mixed as bad as W.F.O it still is a bit of distraction on some tracks.

Overall though this is an ass kicking, neck wrecking good time. My favorite track is The Head and the Heart as it is reminiscent of Years of Decay which is what got me into these guys in the first place. Support Overkill this year and buy this album. New and old fans should love it.

Here is the first video from the album for the track "Bring me the Night". This song above all others is a huge ode to old school thrash.

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