Monday, February 08, 2010

Megadeth news that's actually worth a damn

Blabbermouth and just about every other major metal site are plotzing themselves over the news that Dave Ellefson is back with Megadeth.


Last year I posted about meeting Dave at a Con and that I wished Ellefson would get back with the band. Well there ya go, I guess some wishes do get granted. Though it's to be seen how long this is going to last with so much bad blood over recent years but about what the hell moments from Dave Mustaine. First he started playing gigs with one of his nemeses in Kerry King, then agreeing to play with Metallica at the Sonisphere shows and now bringing Ellefson back into the fold. This Christian bug is making him even more batshit crazy but in a good way.

I really can't way for the Carnage tour now.

*Deth Update*
Jeez they wasted no time in doing a promo pic did they?



Draeden Wren said...


Martin said...

Welcome back, Jr.!!! Mustaine finally made a good decision! Please get back to where you once were. The era between Countdown and Youthanasia had some very good stuff that was never fully explored. Pick up the pieces and restart where you truly ended!

Solomon G said...

Hey, Robert - just surfed over from the retroCRUSH forum. Glad I did - this is the first I've heard of the return of Junior to Megadeth. Nice blog!

Rob Liz said...

Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by Solomon:)