Monday, March 08, 2010

And Dragonforce's Demise continues


Blabbermouth reported that Dragonforce was parting ways with vocalist ZP Theart. Within a half an hour the source had been yanked down. Which means the official word is inevitable. Here's my view on the demise of Dragonforce after the jump.

First of all, if there is a split I'm willing to bet that one camp wanted to do something different on the next album and the other camp didn't. The most likely scenario is going to be ZP will take his water bottles and go home to start a new band, probably more traditional power metal. Dragonforce will get a new singer with hardly the look or the vocals they're looking for.

Ultimately what this means is that Dragonforce's ship already came and went two years ago and this is going to make people care even less. I wouldn't be surprised if there is the dismantling of Dragonforce and three power metal bands spawned from this.All three failing by the way.

If ZP is leaving this won't really surprise me. There was a weird vibe onstage like the fun was forced anyway. DF is going to have to find a vocalist who doesn't mind the amount of downtime as they incessantly noodle on the guitar and take a backseat to said guitars unlike most bands where the vocals are the focal point. I'm not to sure there is someone willing to do that unless they're desperate to get noticed. Vocalist and narcissism is not something I think blends well in this camp.

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Randy said...

I was just about to make a post about this too, ha. I feel like Dragonforce hasn't done anything too impressive since Sonic Firestorm, would be interesting if they got a little bit heavier of a vocalist...

But I have a feeling they will stick with the over-the-top power metal dudes.