Monday, March 01, 2010

Theatre of Tragedy Closes Their Curtains


It seems it's the year of the farewells so far. First the Scorpions and now Theatre of Tragedy according to their website. This news isn't really surprising to me though.

For those that don't know Theatre of Tragedy formed in Norway in the mid 90's as one of if not the first gothic doom metal bands. They were probably the first band to incorporate "Beauty and Beast" vocals and featured Liv Kristine(Leaves Eyes)for the female parts.If you like gothic metal of any type you should check out their first three releases.

Something happened around the millennium though and their music approach drastically changed to a more rave electronica type sound. Liv Kristine was released and a new singer was brought in. I think this was disastrous for the band as they've only released one album in the last four years and are getting ready to release their last.Not to mention Liv's band Leaves Eyes is far away a better direction then when she left ToT.

They're claiming the demands of real life are becoming too much to balance band life and regular life. I think it's more due to the choices they made over the last 10 years or so alienated alot of fans who had other choices for listening to then them.So in my book it's probably best that they do fold as in these days if you do serious damage to your record sales in a small market to begin with it's almost ridiculous to try and start over.

Again though check out the self titled debut,Velvet Darkness They Fear,and Aegis to see what kind of legacy they left behind.

Here is what they started out as.

Here is what they became.

Here is what they ended as.

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