Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wake up call for Acrassicauda

A while back I posted
about Acrassicauda releasing their first EP. You may recall this is the band that immigrated from war torn Iraq in the documentary Heavy Metal in Baghdad.Well according to Newsweek they're realizing even in a Utopia they have to struggle to make it.

These guys are coming to realize what millions of immigrants in this country find out. All they've left behind is war and the possibility of being murdered. Now they have a fresh start like every other up and coming metal band except they have recognition already that many bands don't have. Metal music is not a money maker and hasn't been for years. Combine that with an economy in the toilet compared to years back and yes they do have to struggle. But now they can struggle without being repressed and scared for their lives. Most metal artists play for the love of it and for the love they get back from the fans these days. Don't expect fame AND fortune. Just be fortunate you have fame and can do what you want.

Now all of that aside these guys have the chops many new bands don't have. This EP is really good in my opinion. There are alot of influences mixed in but overall this is really good thrash and not of the ret thrash variety. They have the ability to take themselves to the next level but it's going to take time and more patience. They might want to move to a region where the cost of living is alot better for one thing.Going back to school would help too.

Just like everyone else.

Check out their tunes here.

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