Saturday, May 29, 2010

Devil Music A-Z Introduction


The time has come to finally at least get this thing started. This feature is going to be a large undertaking that I hope people will enjoy. What I'll be doing over time is by alphabetical order I'm going to post the bands that are on my playlist and say some things about them. This isn't a history lesson because I'm not qualified to post biographies on various bands. This is just something to give the audience an idea of what my tastes are like, it allows me to promote bands I may have neglected in here before, and mainly just because I feel like it.

Make no mistake, there will be no fanboy gushings over anybody on this list(well maybe a few). I'll most likely find something that sucks about each and everyone. Now here's the deal, if a band you like is not on this list then it's possible that:
1. I've never heard of them.
2. I've heard of them but never listened to them.
3. I don't like them enough to own anything of theirs.
4. I think they flat out suck.

So by all means I would like this to be interactive. I'd like to see feedback on my ramblings on each band or even some suggestions of who I should be listening to on the way. Comment, Comment,Comment. So enough talk, let's get this show on the road starting with the A's obviously.

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