Saturday, May 29, 2010

Devil Music A-Z :Accept


Oh ya. Das Accept ist wunderbar nein?

I did an article on these guys awhile back when they announced their new singer. I've stopped caring that Wolf Hoffman and Joe Satriani have the same barber, or that Mark Tornillo looks like he parks his shopping cart full of aluminum cans outside before every gig. Between 1983 and 1986 these guys were one of my favorite bands. At the time I wasn't huge into thrash or or other forms of extreme metal, I was more of a traditional kind of guy I guess you could say and these German dudes were like the Scorpions ballsier brothers(pun might be intended). Udo's snarling vocals and the ass kicking riffs from songs like Too High to Get it Right or Fast As a Shark were about as heavy as I wanted to get and that was ok. Sure the synchronized guitar waving and the fact that Udo looked like a short U.S.O. soldier on leave were cheesy but it was ignored, the music was cool.

After the mediocre crap that was Russian Roulette I lost track until a few years ago and checked out the reunion stuff with UDO and it was ok...some good riffs...but you could tell their heart wasn't into it. So now they've reformed with this Tornillo guy from some band with a completely stupid name and it's still early to tell what kind of reception they'll get.But I've heard a few tracks and it's not bad but it sure as hell doesn't want me to revisit them like those three years we had in the 80's.

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