Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The State of my mind and Enlightened view of this blog


First of all I'm trying to spend less time on the computer when I get home. I work on them for a living and I have this propensity to come home and sit in front of it for a few hours more and other things are starting to be affected by it.

Secondly until recently there hasn't been anything out there that just screamed at me "Get on TDM and write about it!". I'll be posting a bit more here in the near future though as some things I've been reading need addressing.

Thirdly I've come to realize that I had a brief delusion of grandeur of how big I wanted this site to be. I read an interview awhile back with the Metalsucks writers and after seeing what they did to make their site one of the biggest in the metal industry there was just no way I was going to come even close to putting that much effort into this. At least not intentionally. We're talking quitting of jobs and forking out money I just don't have. I love the music and like writing ok but not that much to destroy my livelihood over.Plus I just don't have a network of resources or inside tracks to do some of the things that would be cool to do like interviews,podcasts, and partnerships with labels for contests.

Fourthly(Is that even a word?) I've been mining other sites for leads on bands I might have overlooked to listen to or just might be on par with some truly unique and awesome bands like Opeth and Draconian.I think I've found a couple here and there I'll be writing about.

Lastly I've come to evaluate where I stand as a metal fan compared to others that are writing blog sites. Not only am I approaching middle age in real life but I'm a virtual dinosaur compared to the writers on other blogs. It's like being in a sort of menopausal thing. I'm old enough to remember and appreciate the old stuff from the early 80's but I'm also digging new stuff from the the last decade or so. Some of these bands are the type I would never have listened to back in the day but my tastes have radically changed over the last few years or so. There were trends back in the day I hated just like there are trends now that I do.

I do appreciate everyone that does come to visit even if there are no comments though. I get e-mail notifications of the traffic that comes in and people are logging on which is cool. Continue to spread the word if you know anybody that wants to kill time and read opinions and reviews of the metal scene.

So where am I going to from here? Well I think I'm going to start and make some features I started be more of a consistent thing. Shuffled Playlist,Random thoughts for example. I'm also going to be starting a project that spawned from something I started doing early on (Devil's spotlight) that's going to be called Devil Music A-Z. It's going to be a platform for me to discuss every band I 've listened to and at least marginally enjoyed over the last 25 + years. I'm also going to look into including polls just to have some more interaction from the readers and then the results can then be discussed.I also need to light a fire under Draeden's ass to post more. His tastes are really starting to become drastically differant then mine and we need to spark up some debates.Plus even if I'm not posting someone is to keep the interest up.

So in closing That Devil Music will still plug along as always but I'm going to keep a more realistic approach to what I'm doing here and not be so caught up on things outside of my control. Thanks for tuning in.


Guillermo Rascon said...

interesting stuff. I'd love to know how metal sucks got their site off the ground. I also wish I had the cash to improve my blog. but in time I hope. I also have a tracker on my site. I like seeing where my viewers are coming from. I tend to get between 120-200 viewers a day. but when I get an e-mail from a band, or someone connected to a band, thats what reassures me that someone is looking at my blog
as always, I wish you the best of luck with yours

Draeden Wren said...

Good to know you're still chugging along.. I was started to get worried here.. Yeah. Normalcy kinda gets in the way of your desires sometimes.. oh well.. you're doing an amazing job here regardless.

And as far as being a dinosaur. Look at the loudmouths out there today. Eddie Trunk. Brian Posehn. Jim Florentine. They're all hella old. :)