Saturday, May 08, 2010

Wake up Call for Carly Smithson


Apparently Carly Smithson is fed up with the comparisons of We Are the Fallen with Evanescence. And I for one agree with her. Check out this article from Blabbermouth and listen to the second audio link to see how frustrated she is with the whole thing.

Sure there are coincidences. Like the fact the band was going to originally be named Fallen just like the name of the original Evanescence album. Ben Moody played in both and was one of the primary songwriters, but come on guitarist and songwriters move on to DIFFERENT things all the time right?
Amy Lee is from Arkansas and Carly Smithson is from Ireland. Carly has a huge tattoo on her right arm , Amy Lee doesn't.

The banner pic has 5 members. This one only has 4.

Carly Smithson was on American Idol and Amy Lee wasn't. See? These two couldn't be more different right?

Fuck no, Carly, shut the fuck up.In that interview where you're getting your four leaf clover in a knot you state you don't listen to Evanescence then what the hell is this that you did on the American Idol Live tour?

My ears are open as wide as they can be and I even cleared the wax out like you suggested in that interview and even my wife said if she hadn't seen what I was playing here she would have asked if a new Evanescence album was coming out.

Look at the fucking video.

The same goth overtones, same eyeliner and hair design.

And then today on Blabbermouth You state that it's disrespectful to the fans to compare and it's just the media spinning drama. Really?!?! So it's ok to insult the intelligence of the music listening public but disrespectful to compare the two?

Alright lets get real for moment. Carly, you take shortcuts. You auditioned for American Idol knowing you had the skills to get fairly far. Sure beats actually selling yourself to record labels and clubs,right? Never mind American Idol is the largest karaoke competition on earth. You don't get to sing your own material but hey you're assured of of some sort of deal if you make the final 10.Right? Then you sing Bring Me to Life and Ben Moody, who lets face it hasn't done anything of note since Amy Lee split figures why not try to recapture what he had and brings you onboard because you can sing his old songs pretty well.
So now you're in this new band and its different from what previous AI contestants have done which is great but you're still involved in something that isn't your style. You're still a puppet for someone else. Maybe that's what you're really pissed off about. You're looking for originality where there is none and lashing out at people for calling you on it. You want to be your own person? Then take the necessary steps to do that because for as long as you're in this project you will always be compared to Evanescence. Telling the public they're ignorant and disrespectful isn't going to win you any brownie points especially when you're a fraud to even yourself.


Draeden Wren said...

For the most part, I agree. Being an Evanescence fan, I can admit that Carly sounds completely like Amy. The music sounds very similar because WATF has three former members of Evanescence and Ben wrote, or at least co-wrote, a lot of the music on the first CD. But I have to disagree that Ben has not done anything since leaving Evanescence.

He's been working with a variety of different musicians out there, releasing a single with pop singer Anastasia, producing Hana Pestle's debut cd, and releasing his own CD, "All For This" and though it didn't get much commercial play (defintely not as much as Evanescence's "Fallen") it's still (in my humble opinions) one of the the most perfect CD's I've ever heard.

I would even go as far as to say that I prefer his solo cd to "Fallen".

On that note, I don't think that Smithson truly hates the comparison, I would think that being compared to such a monumental band and singer would be a good thing, but it would be up to her to make the public see the differences and that she can hold her own with her performances, not by bitching.

How much music out there sounds the same nowadays. I don't think it's even possible to NOT sound like someone else anymore.

Rob Liz said...

I didn't say he hasn't done anything. Just not anything of note. You might like everything he's been involved with but let's be honest....does the general populace know who Hana Pestle is? or Anastasia for that matter? You said it yourself his own solo cd did not get much love. I'm not faulting him for wanting to get out more in the public eye after so long in obscurity. But what he's doing is trying to recapture what he had with a differant singer that can pull off what Amy Lee did.
And the results are evident. So don't lie to herself and prospective fans and try to make this out to be a completly separate entity when we all know its bullshit. And then try to make us out to be the assholes when we call them on it.