Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What the Faygo?

Every once in awhile a concert or festival booking matchup just leaves me scratching my head. Earlier there was the report of a pairing of Dimmu Borgir and Korn in Europe. Well it is Europe so I guess somehow that makes sense out there. But then this comes up.

According to Blabbermouth Twiztid is appearing with Nevermore,Suffocation, and Gwar to a Rock and Shock festival in Massachusetts. Nevermore seems kind of odd to be on this bill unless Warrel dresses up all goth like he did during the Enemies of Reality tour. But really. They're going to bring juggalo's to this thing?Juggalos.I'll be shocked if this event goes off without any fights because juggalo fans are moron's and will probably do something stupid to get kicked out. Like talk shit about Gwar or Suffocation. Jesus, I hope this won't be a trend where you have your token juggalos at every metal show. It'd be like having that one mentally challenged cousin that always shows up when you really don't want him too and embarasses himself every damn time.

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