Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blessing has become a curse

I live in a town of 100,000 people smack in the middle between Sacramento and San Francisco. Normally that's a good thing because if a show is anywhere on either side and I have the cash I can go. In that I feel pretty fortunate. September is going to change all of that though. In the span of a week there is going to be three concerts I want to see and all of them are in San Francisco.

September 24th at Thee Parkside

Swallow the Sun is one of the opening acts. I've developed a fandom for this groups music as it is a fusion of Opeth and Katatonia. So to see them open for Katatonia who've I missed out on twice already would be fantastic.This show is why I'm ranting because I just found out about it.

September 26th at Slims

I'm not caring too much about Mutiny Within or the other bands but Nevermore is easily one of my favorite bands of recent years. I'm already committed to going to this show.

September 29th at Slims

I'm already committed to go to this show though I don't have tickets yet for reasons I'll get into. I love Leaves Eyes and Kamelots music so this is a must see.I just hope tickets are still available when I can get the cash together.

Why all of this sucks after the jump.

I'm currently under a Chapter 13 because like so many other home owners I was faced with foreclosure and had to do something to stay off the streets with a wife and two kids. So I have to budget my money every month which does not allow for much of anything else outside of the realm of necessities.
Not to mention three concerts in a week in San Francisco. I don't like driving in the city once much less going three times in the space of a week.On top of all of this is the rescheduled American carnage show with Testament, Slayer, and Megadeth on the 1st because the show I was to see at Cow Palace is on my son's birthday.I just don't have the money it would take to get tickets, gas money,BART money, and shirts and Cd's.
I think the crux of it is this. When the fuck is someone in America with the capital going to put on a festival like they do at Sonisphere or Wacken? I would gladly budget myself to go to one show with all of these bands together under one roof. And I'm not talking fucking Ozzfest or Mayhemfest either. I'm talking a festival that includes many of the European bands under it not the "core" or scene kid bullshit that we have out here.

It's just frustrating as hell and if I wasn't in such a financial bind it wouldn't be such a big deal.I'm just so tired of not being able to do the things I want to do. It's my fault for liking so many bands I guess. Word of advice....get all of this stuff out of your system before you get married and have kids. Because once you do your priorities will change exponentially. The realization that you have to grow up sucks.

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Draeden Wren said...

Yeah. I've had to miss out on quite a few shows this year because of money.. Many of them AroArah (because it's expensive driving to Sacrameno/Orangevale 2-3 times a month. Plus I missed out on seeing Swashbuckle again.

I'm actually going to be driving to Sac three times this pay period and I'm not happy about it. If it wasn't the need to get my AroArah fix and bow before the altar of Kerry King, it wouldn't be that big of deal....