Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sorting through the Unsigned and Unknown: 8/21/10


The last time I did this it wasn't a pretty affair with only one band getting friended. Let's hope this next round of five fare better. You can click their names to see if I'm a jaded asshole or if they legitimately suck after the jump.

Dream Aria : From Canada we have as they categorize themselves a progressive/rock/alternative band. It's a female fronted affair. I'm not sure how they tracked me down to send a friend invite as it's not anything I'd normally look for. Their live video is pretty funny as it looks like something that would be put together at a corporate benefit. the musics not bad for what is. Anne Burstyn is the lead vocalist and for the type of music being played she's pretty good. Draeden will like this. I'm going to have to say no because it doesn't fall into the metal moniker.

Black Water Rising : This group is out of Brooklyn New York. Nothing wrong with that but they appear to be more southern rock or metal, not sure yet. Very professional page. Ah, they label themselves metal/rock. They do have a label and a album out. First track is a radio friendly hard rock tune much in the vein of Chevelle or Shinedown. Definitely falls into the unknown category. They even have banners set up and merch. I think I'll friend then up because as their bio states the world needs just straight up rock music. These guys are pretty good and they're right. Here is one of their banners.
Check out Black Water Rising!

Hugin Munin :Now we travel to Brazil for this band. Must be a Portugese name.No...according to their bio they're a Viking metal band from...Brazil. Looking at their pathetic attempts to apply a Turisas makeup to their faces is making me laugh. Seriously guys? You look even more ridiculous then Turisas. Amon Amarth's shit looks tougher then these guys. Alright, to the music.It's chug chug death metal in the vein of early Amarth. It's not bad but pretty generic.The only ones that have any chops is the drummer and the vocalist. I'll pass.

Misery : Another New York band. They have a pretty cool banner pic. And apparently are traveling around as a support act for Devildriver so that's pretty cool.I can't make out what style they are so lets hear a few tunes. Well the first tune pins them as a metalcore band. The vocalist in the mix on the first track is pretty weak. Apparently these guys have been slogging around since the early 90's. Something tells me that if you haven't made it by now you just might not guys. Yeah "bark,bark,bark, boring,boring,boring" with a few breakdowns mixed in. Since I dislike "core bands" I'll have to pass.

Shadyon : Metal/Progressive from France it says. They have two albums and are a signed band. Interesting mix of influences from Evergrey to Devin Townsend to Tori Amos. Well let's see if they are indeed a progressive metal band or not.Most of their songs are samples except for the first one.The vocalist almost sounds feminine. Well they're not bullshitting, there is some AOR mixed in with this tune. First track is not bad though. Most of these songs are power ballads in the vein of late 80's bands. Not sure where the progressive comes in. I'll friend them though because the music scene is lacking in this genre.

So 2 out of the 5 got friended. Not a particularly weak set or strong for that matter. And my remaining list is almost manageable by now. Until next time.


Draeden Wren said...

As far as Dream Aria is concerned. I'd change their name to Diarhea. The first song I heard was on that video on their Myspace, "The Rythem of Now". I thought to myself, that's just live, they can't be that bad.. but they are. The ONLY reason that lady is singing in a band is 'cause she's super hot.

The music is sub-par, the vocals are dreadful. You must have a low opinion of me if you think I would like this regurgitated crap from the 80's. :)

Thanks, but no thanks.

Rob Liz said...

Damn....I didn't think they were that bad. Just not material for the site.But yeah the video made me laugh on how amatuerish it looked. All of the members except for her look like a bar band that's been on the circuit for 25 years.