Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's not just noise, it's Sleepnoise

So far, I'm not making a lot of fans here with some of the choices of music I've posted so far, but I actually think I have a winner here.. Rob Liz has his critiques of unsigned bands, so I think I'll take my shot at one, though it's just going to be the music. Not really arsed about the image or graphics or anything. You can be the judge of that.

To get everything out on the table, one of the only reasons I even listened to this band is because Chelsea Baker (of AroArah), one of the coolest peoples and bad-assed bassists in the world, is playing with them. Not sure it it's a side project or she's covering, but it's a good thing I looked.


Here is their Bio, taken from the website Reverbnation.

"At the end of 2008 four long time friends decided to come together to vent frustrations, to share ideas, to try and step outside of themselves…to make music. SLEEPNOISE was born partly out of the necessity to create and express themselves, and partly to change the current face of rock. With so many mainstream bands turning out regurgitated, plastic ideas, aesthetically molded to fit into a stale scene, SLEEPNOISE has turned their back and is forging their own path."

According to ReverbNation;
Mike - Bass,
Dave- Drums,
Joe - Guitar,
Danny vocals
Chelsea Baker- Bass
Dave Buckner- drum

So, here are my thoughts on the EP, White Empty Room. I just bought it on iTunes. If you're also willing to support local music, you can search them on iTunes as well. You can also hear their music on ReverbNation as well as their Myspace

1. Penance - Pretty rockin track. Kinda sounds like Tool to me, the vocals are very clean and some interesting falsettos in there. I like it. It's just a good, solid song. A bit of alternative, a bit a grunge and a splash of experimental rock in there.
7 out of 10

2. Faces - Good start to it. The vocalist does have a bit of Maynard in him. Not saying that's a bad thing, it's good. A little bit of Layne Staley too. This track's pretty rocking but there's a bit of ambiance to it where you can just kick back in a dark room and veg out to it. You can definitely tell the band is highly influenced by the music from the previous decade.
8 out of 10

3. Already in Love - Grungy, crunchy guitars. If Stone Temple Pilots and the Beatles had a baby, it would be this song. It's funny, with the name of the song, I expected a sappy, boo-hoo song.. No such luck here. It's pretty rockin' and there's a good energy about it.
8 out of 10

4. Red - Off to a great start. Jumps right into the meat of the song. Still feels like there's a LOT of influences here but again, no complains. I think this one's my fav so far...
9 out of 10

5. When We Two Parted - Bad-assry most awesome. Here's another just kick-ass songs. Completely solid all the way through. Great production. Song-writing's fantastic. Music is just - DAMN...
10 out of 10

The song-writing's good all throughout the album. The way they describe the creation of the band it seems like they mashed it out, though it sounds like careful consideration was taken in the crafting of their music. I likey. All around a solid cd. I'm really glad I picked it up. Since they're based out of Sacramento, I think there's a good chance I'll get a chance to see them live, which I hope is as good as the studio performance.

My one complaint is that I found out about them too little too late. They had a show last night with other Sacramento Favourites, and I just didn't know how good they were til now. Next time.

Check out their Myspace!

Here is a video for a song not on their EP, called "Jezebel" featuring Chelsea Baker of AroArah and Dave Buckner of Papa Roach.


Rob Liz said...

I'd say Dave made a good artistic choice leaving Papa Roach and doing this.
I also hate to say it but if Chelsea were to jump ship full time to this it would be a good career move on her part to.

Draeden Wren said...

I think it's possible to have success with more than one band. Look at Corey Taylor. Slipknot AND Stone Sour? I think Chelsea's fine just where she is.. :)

Rob Liz said...

Corey Taylor was already well established though with Slipknot before the Stone Sour project took off.
I'm saying if there is a breakthrough to be had she might do better with this then Aroarah.

Draeden Wren said...

hush yo mouth foo.. :)