Saturday, August 28, 2010

Devil Music A-Z: Barren Earth


I've had to go a bit back in the alphabetical corner for this mainly because I discovered this band a few days ago while perusing some other sites. Have I mentioned lately how much I love metal bands from the viking lands? There was a huge stretch of Sweden but now Finland is starting to make some noise too. What Barren Earth brings to the Finnish scene is a collaboration from various Finnish musicians in other projects. So this is a side project supergroup of sorts. You have representatives from Amorphis,Moonsorrow,and Swallow the Sun to name a few bands.

What kind of sound do they bring? It's a form of melodeath with a progressive approach. You have keyboards, flutes, clean harmonized vocals and of course the growls. The music though is so dense that you have to listen more then once to really absorb everything that is going on. But it all flows well and is very engaging.

So far they have an EP and a full length album called the Curse of the Red River that just came out this year. Go to their Myspace page to check out some of the music. In the meantime here is the title track to get fully what I'm describing after the jump. If you love dense well composed music then check these guys out.

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