Saturday, August 28, 2010

That Devil Music to kick some Fantasy Football Ass


Yes that's right, That Devil Music will be representing in the all metal bloggers league Pigskin Destroyers 666 hosted by The Number of the Blog.

We will be matched up not only against members of TNOTB but also Reign in Blonde ,74000 Riffs, Thrash Hits , and Metal Insider among others. I'll keep you posted on how we do as the season progresses.
Oh yeah and the team is called Clowns with Downs because I hate juggalos and would love to see them smashed on a football field. Also the banner pic is of the Dallas Cowboys metal band , Free Reign. Check them out here.


Randy said...

So is this actual Fantasy Football or something actually music related? Maybe I missed it in the post...

Rob Liz said...

Both actually. I'll be in a fantasy football league representing That Devil Music in an all bloggers league. My team is actually the Cowboys so I threw the pic up there of the offensive lines metal band:)