Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sorting Through the Unsigned and Unknown: 8/29/10


I'm starting to fall behind on this again. I had to deny a couple of people purely because I don't want to possibly promote someone who is flailing around doing this music thing as a hobby unless it's a real friend or flat out amazing like Enditol.Some of these solo acts are so far out in left field in either direction, sound or promotion that there is no way. So with that said let's get to the actual 'bands' after the jump.

Synapse Defect :From Atlanta Georgia we have lads that label themselves as deathcore/grindcore/black metal. This means that they are going for the most of br00tal of br00talness to ever br00tal. And my first impression is this is going to suck ass because I despise deathcore....any core type of music really. Chug chug breakdown squeal squeal is fucking boring bullshit that gives metal a bad name. The only thing keeping me from not listening to this at least and just flail my arms and legs out of here is the fact that their tagline states "All your base are belong to us". Anybody who's been on the net any length of time knows what that means so I will give a listen with my expectations kept about as high as a earlobe plug.First song is called Grokness Monster and it's a weedily weedily intro with guttural vocals cutting in. Kind of a tech death thing. 3 million views and no label? Seems kind of wrong. These guys have chops for what it is but I'm already bored. I'm going to deny them because I don't want to propagate core music of any sort but click the band name if you like this shit.

Tangled in Ruin Cool band name bro. From Arkansas comes apparently just death metal. I like death metal a bit more more then deathcore but it can be boring as shit too especially if it's going for the shock gore type of death metal. Let's see what they bring. Nice layout on the page by the way. Vocalist is guttural as to be expected but I can understand what he's saying. I like that. These guys have riffs for being death metal. Kind of thrash in a way on the first track. These guys are pretty bad ass actually. Says they're in the studio so hopefully an album comes out soon and they get a solid label. Request Accepted.

Dystera : Now we travel overseas to Switzerland. I think the last band I heard and liked from Switzerland was Krokus but I could be wrong.Says they're looking for a bass player so that doesn't start off good. Metal/classical is the genre. Hmmm. I like classical or neo classical mixed in if it's done well. Let's see what these dudes have. Oh a female singer. This better be really good because I've heard enough generic Nightwish or Therion clones.I must have missed where it said epic/symphonic metal. Well alot of power metal riffs and flutes later the singer finally shows up and...she's not very good. If you're going to put as much effort into a project like this then you have to have a singer that adds to the music not distracts from it. The cd cover art looks like something an art student would do in high school. Sorry guys, get rid of the singer, find a bass player and try again. Request Denied.

Madonagun : I guess these guys are French though I'm not sure if it's Quebec or France itself. I hate when bands make you do research because they're trying to be cute with the myspace layout and hide all the pertinent information.Since their player is one big track that plays and autoplays to boot I'm assuming these guys are a hard rock outfit in the vein of U.F.O. Or not. The music sounds like it but the dude has a death metal vocal style.Never mind these guys are a more death metal outfit.Kind of a rap death metal style. Weird clean chorus thing going on. Dudes, I get you're trying to be different but mixing nu-metal with death metal is annoying. I pass.

Conqueror Worm : And now back to the States, East Bay actually which peaks my interest since I technically live in the East Bay. But then I get to their page and it's a generic eye fuck of red colors and blurred black fonts.Rock/Metal/Down tempo is their genre....or just doom. Wall of text hits you with influences which is mostly Edgar Allen Poe(hence the bands name) and horror films. This is going to suck. I'll be surprised if there is anything redeeming here. Yeah it's a doomy, stoner type of metal and produced poorly. Fuck this.

Alright well at least somebody got a friend request. This is starting to be the norm where 1 in 5 of these bands are worth a shit. Also I'm down to 8 requests I need to get to. Hopefully there will be more good stuff out of that batch.

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