Saturday, August 14, 2010

Devil Music A-Z: Battlelore


Oh those wacky Finns. Imagine if you will you're perusing Blabbermouth for your daily metal news and you run across a pic like above with a studio update for their album. "Ha Ha, I'm going to watch one of their videos and get a good laugh at this nerd D& D band" you say. And so you watch the video and start laughing at the LARP fest you see in front of you. But you listen to the song and think " Wait a minute, that's actually pretty good". Can you see that happening? No? Well it me.

This is one of those cases that a band should really ditch the imagery and stick with the source material(In this case, Tolkien's Middle Earth) if they wish because they would actually get somewhere with this brand of folk metal. But no, the Finns have to play dress up and play music. Here is some vids of some of my favorite songs after the jump.

This is the video that I first saw of them.

This is off the most recent release

So yeah I do dig this band. Again not so much for the imagery but the actually well crafted songs. If you're curious and want to see more or even buy some stuff you can go here.

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Randy said...

Interesting find. I agree this is one of those bands I would probably ignore if I only saw the publicity photo on Blabbermouth, but the music is actually kind of unique!