Sunday, August 15, 2010

Who's next to write a biography?


It was only a matter of time before world renowned musicians from days gone by started writing about how fantastic their lives were back then. First we had Motley Crue with "The Dirt". Then we had Ozzy and his memoirs. This trend has started to gain speed but so far it's been a lackluster showing. Let's break it down so far after the jump.


Really? Are we supposed to care that this guy for whatever reason was the original singer of Judas Priest and missed his chance at being an icon?


Frankly I'm tired of seeing Steven Adler. Dude, some people were able to handle the lifestyle back then. You couldn't. Frankly I'd be amazed if what you wrote in this book is what actually happened or if you collected stories from other people that remembered for you. The only person I'd be less interested in reading a book about the GnR era is Duff Mckagan.

Oh wait. Blabbermouth reported that his book is in the works though it's going to span from the time he left the band until present. Fascinating. Slash has done a book. I can't wait until Izzy does one.


And Mustaine has written a book. Now on the surface this seems to be a no brainer however, over countless interviews and the fact that Dave doesn't know how to shut up or stay on topic is there anything in this book that we haven't already read before?

Here is my list of who should be writing a book.
Rob Halford: I'd rather read about Rob's adventures with Judas Priest and how he managed to deal with hiding his sexuality until he bought the leather and spikes and everyone already knew he was gay when he finally decided to reveal 20 years later then from Atkins who was like the guy that buys a lottery ticket and throws it away because he thinks he didn't win.

Tony Iommi: This could be a clear headed intelligent side of the story Ozzy wrote in his own book. I'd be fascinated to read about what he did to keep the Sabbath name active through what was a rough period post Dio.

Ronnie James Dio: This would be an actual biography since he passed, the only down side is it would have to be approved by his widow, Wendy, who has already displayed a very thin skin in terms of anything hurting Ronnie's image. As much love and respect that has been shown to RJD since his passing I refuse to believe that he was 100 percent pristine and would like to read a true biography of the man.

Axl Rose: The only G n' R book worth reading though I doubt it would be very unbiased. Everything that has ever happened to Axl has been other peoples fault.

James Hetfield: I think this could be one of the better books because it could cover the full gambit of what a rock stars life can be. Troubled childhood, joins a band, band becomes one of the biggest of all time, pressures of dealing with fame,rehab, and triumphant return.

Bruce Dickinson: And this book could be almost like a self help or inspirational piece. What hasn't Bruce done aside from fronting one of the most famous bands in metal. I'm sure it would read as a 'look at me and what I've done' piece but honestly since this is the only life we have, this is a template for what everybody should do while on earth. And all without being smashed out of his gourd.

Angus Young:This could be chock full of hilarious stories about a 15 year old kid suddenly thrust upon the world in a what would become one of the biggest hard rock bands of all time.I'd love to read stories about Bon Scott and how they managed to keep it together and stronger after his passing.

Anybody else I've missed on the list of people of people that should be writing books? Let me know in the comments of who and why.


Draeden Wren said...

I saw a review in Rolling Stone magazine on Mustaine's book. 2 out of 5 stars. I believe they said it was crap.

I agree completely on the Hetfield book, though I think we've seen a lot into his life in the video "A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica" and "Some Kind of Monster". The latter definitely brought James down from a God to a Man for me. I really enjoyed seeing that side of him.

Rob Liz said...

Naw dude we've only heard and read snippets of Hetfield's life. In some kind of monster he wasn't in the movie for a huge chunk of it due to family and rehab. I'd rather get it from him on paper then what little he revealed in front of a quack therapist.
And the other videos focused more on his in front of the camera persona not the real person.

Randy said...

It would be my dream job as a journalism major and writer to write James Hetfield's biography, seeing as he is basically my idol. However, that might make me a bit biased, but I think I could get both sides of the story out... ha ha.

And it's a shame no one got around to exploring Dio's past in book form before he passed away. From the old school music in Elf and others to Heaven and Hell, he lived the life of legends and is actually very opinionated.