Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Sabaton does a video right...with a plot.


Sabaton has ever so slowly built a following in the U.S. having finally showed up on the Billboard chart with their new album "Coat of Arms". If you like anthemic traditional metal( I refuse to acknowledge them as power metal as I think that's a misnomer).

For the first video off the album they pegged the track "Uprising" as the source material. This track is the perfect essence of why I've always liked this band. Catchy,melodic, and riff heavy.

Now anyone familiar with Sabaton's music knows they have a theme and the theme is typically war in the style of World War II.This track is mainly about Nazi's invasion of Poland and the beginning of persecution of the Jews there. And the video is a full on production with actors and a plot. Just like in the old days of videos. If you're movie savvy you will recognize the actor portraying the Nazi officer. It's actor Peter Stormare who played the pyscho blonde guy in Fargo.
Anyways check out the video after the jump. It'll make you pine for the old days of video and maybe the traditional metal bands of yore.

I'm still wondering where the band got the budget to pull this off.

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