Monday, August 02, 2010

That Devil Music on Myspace


Oh yeah, we're expanding into new territories of obscurity. While I was trying to contact Martin from Malastrana to get pics for a post I'm doing on his new project, i decided to create the Myspace page for That Devil Music. Being a complete noob to that I'm still fumbling with the workings of it.

Interesting sidenote is when I was creating the URL Myspace told me that the name thatdevilmusic was already taken. I typed the page in and it's a blues band from Scotland that formed the same year.

Anyways here is the MYSPACE page. It can also be found under the Pages section of the blogsite entitled "Where to find the Devil". So let the musician friend requests start rolling in. Because ideally that's what I'm looking for is to check out some new music. If anyone knows someone that needs exposure send em to that link:)

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