Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pigskin Destroyer 666 Update: Week One


As some of you may recall I posted that That Devil Music is representing in an all metal bloggers fantasy football league. If not here is the post. So this was my first ever live draft and my feelings on my team were meh. It's one thing to just autopick and get up the next day to see who you got and a completely different thing to have to sit there and take into account what slots your filling and what bye weeks they're on.

Well week one is in the books and my team, Clowns with Downs, was matched against Ineverwrestledabear which I believe is Doug from Heavy Metal Comedy. What could have been a landslide victory...................for them turned out to be not too bad as we lost 112-80. I would like to think this was just week one jitters and we will go out there and own face next week. Especially when we're up against limey Brits who can't even fit their whole name into the allotted space. Yeah I'm talking to you Thrash Hits U.K. All*s with your cutesy way of saying stars.

Team MVP:Reggie Wayne.

And yes...that is me for Halloween at work last year.And yes I know the Cowboys sucked ass Sunday night. Fuck off.

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