Monday, September 06, 2010

Sorting through the Unsigned and Unknown: 9-6-2010


Since it's Labor Day let's celebrate by laboring through another 5 unsigned and unknown bands looking for acceptance, shall we?

Vektor : First up we have a band out of Tempe Arizona who consider themselves progressive/thrash/metal. I must be becoming a jaded asshole because those things combined should make me instantly want to hear this. But often times my definition of progressive and others is completely different. Plus the band name is stupid. Reminds me of a generic name from the 80's or something. Oh thats why they have the name, they say in their bio that they're a sci fi thrash band. Where the world is doomed and people suck. Alright, let's get this over with. It's retro thrash. The vocals are almost blackened with the occasional 80's thrash squeal. Apparently progressive means tempo changes a la Metallica back in the day.It doesn't suck but it's boring as hell.They put up a 10 minute song on their player. Guys...if you're going to do that make sure you're established and known for songs of this length. Also make the song interesting.Get more crunch to the guitars and learn more riffs. Denied.

The Dark 9 : Ah Sweden. Arguably my favorite place for metal these days. Interesting name for a band. They label themselves as metal/death metal and only have one song on the player. My emotions are being toyed with as the page looks pretty good. Apparently the dark 9 is actually two members. Lifelong friends who decided to throw away their careers and follow in the footsteps of 30 other bands of varying styles. Because this shows you have an identity, you see. Let's check out the song and see what two guys have come up with from Sveden. If this song had a full group recording it it would be epic. I swear the Swedes know their instruments and how to produce records. You know what, I'm going to accept because these guys have a future if they keep going and get all the pieces together.

Winter in Eden : Metal/rock/gothic from jolly ol' England it says. Well if any country should be able to get a gothic sound it should be from here. And it's female fronted of course. Oh boy. I'm pretty much done with female fronted goth bands by now. But lets see what they have to offer. They do have an album out I guess.First song I click on is a track called Cry which is a piano driven ballad. Singer is a throaty vocalist that has decent phrasing. Well this type of song is a dime a dozen, let's see what happens when they ramp it up. I don't know where they're getting that they're symphonic. It's a hard rock band of the vein of Evanescence or We are the Fallen just not quite as good. Actually if the vocalist had musicians worth a crap behind her and a symphonic sound they might not be too bad but as it stands this is pretty generic. I'll pass.

Troll Bends Fir : Now we travel to Russia because these guys asked if I liked beer and rock. Well hell yeah I do!Throw in some tits and I'm sold. Folk/rock/metal it says. Why do I get the feeling this is going to be like Korpiklaani? Not that it would be a bad thing, just sayin. So do I get a beer if I listen to this? So Russia now calls itself Russian Federation like America is the United States? I'll have to ask my kid who is in school.Oh look, they are friends with Korpiklaani and Ensiferum and Alestorm and Flogging Molly and blah blah blah. So I shouldn't be surprised then. Appears all of their songs are in Russian. Very disappointing because if you're going to be a fun beer loving folk metal band then you need to fucking sing in English so I can enjoy the lyrics. Dammit. I actually like some of these tunes but unlike Rammstein who I enjoy without understanding German these kind of songs I want to know if they're funny or not. Release your music in English and I'll be more then happy to be a friend guys. It would take me years to learn Russian.And we just don't have that kind of time.

Dominia : Staying in Russia we now have a gothic black/death/evil incarnate band called Dominia! Alright yeah their page is set up to be all spooky and scary and stuff. Actually I hope this is good. Russia gets no love in the metal community outside of Russia itself. Hell even Poland has some heavy hitters these days. Get well Nergal. Oh random tangent is random let's check the music. I'm actually making it through their whole player. I'm really digging this extreme metal mixed with classical ambience. The softer passages are really very well composed and beautiful. I can understand the vocalist with the harsh vocals. the clean vocals are average but overall i like what this band is doing. Hell yeah to a friend accept. Way to go Russia, you almost had 2 in one sitting.But yeah...definitely check these guys out. Accepted.

So there we go. Two acceptances this time and almost three. Not bad. One more round of 5 of this then I'll dedicate the article to whoever I get as a friend request and it won't be quite so long. Happy Labor Day.

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