Friday, October 01, 2010

Devil Music A-Z: Children of Bodom


This is probably going to be one of the least flattering of these articles. Children of Bodom does have a pretty large fan base as metal bands go so they may be doing something right. I mean I have their albums but it's not because they are a favorite.Much like Arch Enemy it's the music that draws me to this band and not the vocals. Alexei Laiho is a good guitarist but not as good as he thinks he is. And his vocals are pretty average. I like me some harsh vocals but his screetchy growl pitch is aggravating sometimes.

What does appeal to me especially on older albums is the heavy presence of neo classical riffs CoB incorporate into their music. The keyboard arrangements add an element of atmosphere that this band seriously needs because without it they're just an average pseudo thrash band.I'm sure with Alexei's arrogance that's not something he would want to hear but again, he's not as good as he thinks he is.

Popular bands tend to incorporate some form of gimmick and the gimmick here is that every album has at least a couple of covers in them. These covers could be anything from a W.A.S.P. tune to Britney Spears. Yes I said Britney Spear. And it's supposed to be tongue in cheek with these covers but really to me it's douchey by now. So there you have it.

Here is one of the stupid covers. Way to go allowing this,John Fogarty.

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