Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pigskin Destroyer 666 Update:Week 5 and 6


I am slipping. I forgot to do this last week and almost forgot to do it for this week. Well in Week 5 I put some decent numbers over 100 but some key bench mistakes ultimately cost me the game as I lost by around 8 points. In Week 6 I destroyed my opponent, the lovely and apathetic Erin from 74000 Riffs, 130-60.This is the time of the season where you get to see who's quit playing, and who never pays attention due to bye weeks.
This week is a big matchup as I'm up against Drunk on Sunday run by Deesee of TNOTB. The Drunks are first in the division by one game over me but I have some key players on bye this week so lets see if the bench can put up some points.

Current Record: 3-3
Week 6 MVP: Ryan Torain.

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