Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Amon Amarth's Announces new Album info. Declines to cleave your Skull.


This time of year is slow to pretty much a crawl on new music but on the flip side we start getting information on bands that don't suck and their new album release dates.In this case Amon Amarth have announced the new album name to be Surtur's Rising and it's set to be released on March 29th,2011.

I am excite about this because Amon Amarth for the last 4 albums have consistently gotten better with each one and I really can't see being disappointed about this one. At least I hope not but I'm not going to say otherwise because look at those dudes. Would you want to give them the bad news?

For those unaware on who Surtur is, he is the king of giants and basically ushers in Ragnarok or the apocalypse if you will by engulfing the world in flames. I know this because I used to read Thor comics therefore I'm an expert.
Anyone else excited about this news?

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