Monday, November 29, 2010

Brent Petrie's Album is what prog should be. And it's free.


Every once in awhile somebody cool pops into TNOTB's Skype chat. This time we had the pleasure of Brent A. Petrie's company last night and I promised to do a little promo for his one man masterpiece Vary Us, Artist(Get it?).Brent hails from Mesa, Az and his album is as the title suggests what prog music of any type should be. It offers unique sounds and fusions of different styles to be it's own entity. There are a couple of heavy tunes but mostly there is quite a bit of ambient post rock present.

You can download the album for free here and since it's the holidays if you want to donate money for the purchase of the album, half the proceeds also goes to the ASPCA because this is the time of year that stray animals need homes and love the most.Anyways check it out and leave feedback on what you think.

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brent_a_petrie said...

Thanks so much for the mention (and for listening)!