Friday, November 19, 2010

Anticipated Releases to kick next year off


Sirenia's new album the enigma of Life is due out January 21,2011. Here is the tracklist.
01. The End Of It All
02. Fallen Angel
03. All My Dreams
04. This Darkness
05. The Twilight In Your Eyes
06. Winter Land
07. A Seaside Serenade
08. Darkened Days To Come
09. Coming Down
10. This Lonely Lake
11. Fading Star
12. The Enigma Of Life
13. Oscura Realidad (bonus track)
14. The Enigma Of Life (acoustic version; bonus track)

I'm mostly over the gothic symphonic bands but Morten Vederland still puts together some solid compositions that I've yet to get tired of. Hopefully the current singer sticks around longer then the previous girls have.


Also on tap is the new Devildriver cd "Beast" which is due on Febuarary 22,2011. Each album has been a decrease in my enjoyment factor since Last Kind words but hopefully I'll enjoy this one. I'm also still working on a Mike Spreitzer interview so we'll see how that goes.


Draeden Wren said...

I'm curious. I read that Devildriver lead singer, Dez was having some personal issues which was making the recording of this new album a problem. Did you ever hear about what was going on?

Rob Liz said...

I don't believe so. They've been doing a video diary on the making of the album for awhile and its in 13 parts or so.I know the bassist had to sit out European dates for personal problems.