Saturday, November 20, 2010

The True Story of Metalliball with Video evidence

A week or so ago this video went viral of Kirk Hammett inadvertantly punting a kid from the stage. Observe.

Now rumors ran rampant that this was Hetfield's kid. Well that is apparently not true. The metal community also wondered why a child was even on the stage during the set in the first place.More importantly, what the fuck was up with the Snow White costume 2 weeks after Halloween? Here is another angle to see what we mean.

After the jump is the complete explanation by the Metallica camp and a bonus video courtesy of Metal Injection.

Some of you will have seen on YouTube (or read in some reports) that Kirk knocked a small child offstage by kicking a beachball at her. That little lady is the daughter of the stage manager and dressing coordinator, who are fortunate to travel as a family on this tour. She was thoroughly enjoying watching the beachballs drop from the rafters, Kirk was thoroughly enjoying kicking the beachballs off the stage and back into the crowd as has been done every night on the tour, and neither of them saw the other. The poor wee one happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She wasn't hurt. She didn't go 'flying several feet into the audience.' And Kirk and she remain good buddies.

That may be all well and good but she looks like a spoiled brat that had no business being up there.

Just like Metallica has no business playing with balloons while playing 'metal'. Though it is funny that Seek and Destroy was being performed at the time of the incident. So as promised, because this is a retarded story here is the bonus video.

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