Friday, November 05, 2010

Henry Rollins is turning into an old man of epic proportions

I understand the importance Henry Rollins has in the hardcore and punk scene. I remember Black Flag and even recall listening to some songs. Henry is a very intelligent and articulate individual and I would totally love to sit down one and have a discussion with him. With that being said, here is a clip for a German show that was filmed in New York City where in my estimation he also showed a douche side to himself. Here is the clip.

So Henry gets recognized and though the girl yells out a couple of things he launches into an intelligent insult laden tirade masked over with the Iranian lady as a shield. While these girls had annoying piercings and armpit hair that clearly label them as hipsters there really wasn't any call to assume that because they were yelling things out that they were laughing at him for what he perceived to be a self conscious thing. I'm in my 40's too Henry and honestly I'm ok with that. We all morph. These girls may or may not get out of this stoner induced hipster phase just like you grew out of the violent face smashing phase. I just don't find it necessary to get into a battle of wits that may not have been necessary in the first place.
So what do you think? Do the damn dirty hipsters in this vid get exactly whats coming to them or was Henry just being a crotchety old man? Or was Henry just trying to impress the Iranian lady to get in her pants?

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