Friday, November 05, 2010

Black Veil Brides - They're Goth-tastic!


So in the vein of Vampires Everywhere and similar bands who tap into the bleak blackness of all that goes bump in the night, I have discovered a band so epically dark and hardcore I'm afraid to listen to them by myself for fear that The Dark Prince himself could possibly be summoned up from the depths of Hades to take my soul.

No wait just kidding. These guys are twats.

Their name is Black Veil Brides, although not one of them is a girl as far as I can tell. They wear black leather and torn lace and paint their faces all dark and scary. That I can deal with, sadly it's their music I can do without.

For me, this has to be one of the worst bands I've ever seen or heard and I've heard a lot. The vocalist goes from a clean, almost boy band (without the talent) tone in the verses to a horrid, cat torture-sounding scream that just grates on the ears.

The music and song writing is sub par, and if memory serves one of them is playing a guitar that looks like Kirk Hammett's signature ESP which is a blasphemy in its own. Oh Kirk, the shame of it all.

I'm only going to post the one video, if you want to torture yourselves by wanting to hear more then more power to you.

I'm sure they have a myspace and website but I just don't feel it's worth my time to link them, if you want more: again - your ears not mine.

Here's their crappy video:


Rob Liz said...

Nikki Sixx just called from 1983 and wants his look back. Oh and he says to tell these fags to stop copying every other scenecore band out there.

Anonymous said...

I think Black Veil Brides are great! Not only can Andy Sixx sing, but he can also scream! There are 2 girls in the band, Sandra the drummer and Ashely the guitar player. You should check your facts before you write something!

Anonymous said...

Ashley is a boy, and bvb is the best band evaa

Draeden said...

To the first anon poster.. You tell me to check MY facts and you post that two of them are girls.. Just because they have manginas doesn't mean they're women.. or does it??

Anonymous said...

actually, now there are no girls, they got a new drummer, CC, Christian Coma.