Saturday, November 06, 2010

Pigskin Destroyer Update: Week 7


We're now getting in the time of the year where half the league decides to not bother anymore. People don't bother with bye weeks or to discard injured players. On one hand it's easy wins but at the same time it's cheap wins too.Well last week my opponent, Ineverwrestledabear, did actually try but thanks to my savvy pickup of LaGarrette Blount from Tampa Bay and dropping Cadillac Williams I actually won pretty handily 127-79. The standings did not change much as Angela's In flamers managed to squeek out a win to stay number one in the seeding and I remain number 2.


Unless Metal On-sider fixes his 3 bye week slots it might be another win next week and if thats the case I'll forgo with an update and you can just assume That Devil Music is now 6-3 in this league.

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