Saturday, November 06, 2010

Pilot Episode for That Devil Music Podcast. New Career Move?


I believe at the beginning of the year or maybe sometime last year I had entertained the idea of doing a podcast for the blog. As some of you may have seen I had been sitting in on the podcasts for The Number of the Blog. Upon realizing that it doesn't cost hundreds of dollars as previously researched, Draeden and I have worked on doing our own. Here is the fruits of our efforts. Funny story is this is a test of what we were going to do. But hearing the playback after all of the editing we both said that's actually pretty good so lets put it up there and see what people think. I'd like to thank Martin of Malastrana for the intro and outro music. If we get some postive feedback we will continue on with this and maybe expand it out more to make it more interesting. Give a listen and let us know how we did.


Anonymous said...

Rob, you might want to select "Mono" on whatever it is you're using to record. That way you don't get one person in one speaker and the other person in the other.

Rob Liz said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Scott, and done:)

Draeden Wren said...

Yeah, that's kinda trippy... Especially if you were listening on headphones and one of them was on the fritz.. then it TOTALLY wouldn't make sense.. :)