Thursday, November 11, 2010

Satyr takes a page from Maynard, Wine is now Kvlt


See that happy picture? Two guys sharing a glass of wine and the one on the right looks like Juan Valdez. Or better yet Michael Corleone from Godfather II. That same guy is Satyr from Satyricon, one of the most infamous black metal bands and he's doing what Maynard of Tool does and getting into the wine business. What is more frostbitten and grim then enjoying a glass of wine over a sacrificial altar or just in front of a warm fireplace? How about a posh dinner with a date and conversations about the evils of Christianity? After the jump there will be a montage of videos highlighting why I find this news so hilarious.It is the evolution of Satyr and how not so black metal he's become over the years. *Warning NSFW due to nakedness*

Mother North. This was Satyricon at it's most black and evil.

Now we fast forward where Satyricon got sort of Trent Reznorish.

Now Satyr looks like the Fonz as he tries to be evil.

Which brings us back to the banner pic. It just goes to show that black metal cannot be taken seriously and people eventually grow up. Or do they? Blabbermouth has the full story

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