Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Darkthrone wants you to draw their album Covers


Ever looked at a really metal cover and thought to yourself "This looks like shit, I can draw something better then this"? Well Darkthrone in conjunction with Peaceville Records wants you to prove it. The press release is after the jump.

NORWAY – Norway’s legendary black metal duo, Darkthrone, and Britain’s independent heavy metal powerhouse, Peaceville Records, will continue to re-release new editions of classic Darkthrone albums, from the recently acquired Moonfog Productions catalogue titles. To celebrate the release of the next two titles to be reissued, Goatlord and Ravishing Grimness, the band and label are calling on fans to create new artwork for the now-classic albums.

Darkthrone guitarist/vocalist, Nocturno Culto, issued the following statement…

“We are pleased to announce that Peaceville/Snapper has bought the entire Moonfog catalogue of Darkthrone, that is seven albums in total. The plan is to release these albums within the next year, with new distro network and fresh thinking around these albums. There are two albums that will have entirely new cover artwork: Ravishing Grimness and Goatlord. This is a decision that is made by Fenriz and myself. And the idea now is that we are making a competition out of this. If you now feel the urge to contribute to this competition, you are most welcome to send in your art to Peaceville. Only serious contributions will reach Fenriz and me to decide upon. Thank you in advance, we're looking forward to this.”

Submissions should be emailed to: before January 31st. Head over to: for full terms and conditions.

The Goatlord and Ravishing Grimness re-releases will be available later next year.

Stay tuned for more information on Darkthrone and the Goatlord and Ravishing Grimness design competitions.

So there you have it. If you think you have what it takes to draw up new art for two classic Darkthrone albums get over there and submit your entries. It could be the start of a new career or just something to brag to your hipster friends that won't give a shit about it anyway.

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