Saturday, December 18, 2010

Devil Music A-Z: Coal Chamber


Yes, thats right I put a nu metal band up here. I always kind of liked them back in the day just never got around to listening to whole albums. It probably had something to do with getting married, and having kids. No time to get my psuedo goth metal groove on. I know Dez Fafara wants to forget this ever happened but you know what, the music was prety good in my opinion. Certainly better then some of the other bullshit coming out at the time.
If there was a problem with Coal Chamber at least early on it was they sounded too much like Korn and looked too much like White Zombie(see above picture).Unlike Korn I liked most of CC's songs and I guess I equally liked them along side White Zombie.Trust me when I say there were much worse bands to listen to in those days and in a away paved the way for the NWAHM.Here are a couple of tracks for those unfamiliar or want to revist the sound after the jump.

Loco (Live)


Big Truck (Live)

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Draeden said...

Fiend - FTW

Also, Ozzy's little stint with them on the Peter Gabriel's "Shock The Monkey" was pretty sweet.. Thanks to Sharon for helping their careers, I suppose.. :)