Saturday, December 18, 2010

PETA deserves the song Jingle Balls.

Blabbermouth has been reporting UDO of Accept fame recording a song with distribution company EMP called Jingle Balls. It was supposed to combine Jingle Bells and Balls to the Wall. So I was intrigued. Whoever is doing the press release for this needs to be fired. This song is all kinds of fail. Here is the video.

Ok, not only is the song complete crap and a sham but all proceeds for the album it appears on goes to PETA. Keep in mind the video has alot of graphic cartoon violence against human beings in an attempt to be humorous. If this wasn't for PETA and you substituted humans for reindeers how up in arms would PETA be over it? Fuck PETA and fuck this song. And fuck UDO for signing on to this. Merry Christmas!

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Draeden said...

Still not as bad as that piece of shit from Corey Taylor.