Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nergal may have defeated Leukemia


As has been detailed here and hundreds of other sites Nergal of Behemoth was diagnosed with leukemia back in August. This was at a time when the metal community was already being hit with band news after bad news. From the Action News Desk of Blabbermouth:

According to reports in the Polish media, Adam "Nergal" Darski, the 33-year-old leukemia-stricken guitarist/vocalist of the Polish extreme metal act BEHEMOTH, underwent a bone marrow transplant procedure earlier tonight, having found a donor that was a genetic match. He will spend the next four weeks in an isolation room at the hematology division of Uniwersyteckie Centrum Kliniczne (UCK) in Gdansk to avoid any infection while his immune system is low.

So this is a good way to end a year that saw alot of tragedy. Before you know it Behemoth will be back out there playing crushing, brutal,incoherent and voice processed songs about how much religion sucks.Cheers!


Draeden said...

This story is all over the metal universe right now.. Fingers crossed he makes it.. Not a fan of their music, but any death is tragic. It's good to know, at least something good came out of this as the metal community really came up with the donating bone marrow stuff..

Not to sound ignorant though, but is the guy in the bottom pic Nergal?

Rob Liz said...

Yes....yes he is:P

Brian M said...

Good News! Is this proof that prayer works? Errr....I mean chanting and sacrificing innocent fetii in a flaming

Nergal almost looks charming there. I'm sure he would smash me over the head for saying that.