Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jackyl's song Has a Good Message and DMC, Dupree is Still An Idiot.


I wonder if Jesse James from the Old West was a douchebag. Yes I know he was a criminal but was he an absolute braindead fuckwad like the modern Jesse James we have now? First Jesse James who screwed up bad with Sandra bullock and then Jesse James Dupree of Jackyl. You remember Jackyl right? The band where Dupree busted out with chainsaw solos on "I'm a Lumberjack". And the song titles got worse with 'She loves my Cock' and 'I hate you Bin Laden'.
Look, Jackyl was my guilty pleasure in the early nineties as something mindless and fun. But here we are 20 years later and Jackyl is still doing the same redneck bullshit. This time the boys put together a song called 'Just Like A Negro'. You know to get attention, because they're southern and to get attention. The song is actually an homage to the rock n' roll pioneers and innovaters of the last 70 years or so and the message is anti racism when it comes to music. But holy shit are the lyrics stupid. They have DMC sign up for this who obviously did so for the message and not the actually quality of the lyrics which uses the word huh more then any other word in the song.
The Aerosmith Run DMC redo of Walk this Way did not focus on race(we fans fixated on that)and it was a better solidarity move then this. Guys, you could have done a hell of alot better then Jackyl on colloborating for this kind of message. The video for 'Just Like a Negro' after the jump and other Dupree stupidity. Including a NSFW pic of when he was in Playgirl for all you ladies out there.

I'm pretty sure this is how he is without a photoshoot.

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