Friday, December 31, 2010

Lordi 's Interviews Are Always Awkward. Still Clueless About Gwar.


Smoking a cigarette with those oversized latex gloves is funnier then anything else in this interview. Hell the banner is even funnier. I can answer the Gwar/Lordi difference much better I think.
Gwar have been around alot longer and are based off the humorous idea that they come from space to destroy human beings and to dive into all of the debauchery they can while doing so. Lordi is a hard rock band influenced by Kiss and a love of horror movies. Gwar's stage shows are over the top comedy punk/hardcore concerts full of props and social commentary. Lordi gets up there in costume and just plays their songs.
But Lordi is right. I wouldn't want to pay to see a show with guys playing the crappy rock songs they play either out of costume. Nice to know there is some element of truth in that they need the costumes to achieve any sort of success.

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